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Whatsapp changes its feature for users

Now these people will not be able to run Whatsapp, two big changes made by the company.

Whatsapp changes its features on the day, but this time the company has made two big changes. Also, steps have been taken to strengthen the privacy. Following the Facebook data leak, next month, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to be implemented in Europe. It can be implemented from May 25th. Before that, Whatsapp has updated its term and privacy service. The company has given this information in a blog post. According to Whatsapp, with this update no new rights will be sought from the users for personal information. The company is doing this to protect the existing information.

Whatsapp changes its feature for users

Minimum age of running Whatsapp is 16
Whatsapp has made two more changes in addition to privacy settings. In Europe countries, Whatsapp has made the user's minimum Ai to 16 years. In addition, this will be the first time that the user will be able to download the data, which he is sharing with Whatsapp. In the next few weeks this feature of Whatsapp will reach all users. The company has also given a webpage for this, in which tips have been given on how to keep your data safe on Whatsapp.

Whats what data saved Whatsapp
Whatsapp also mentioned that it collects data from users that are connected to their service. Whatsapp does not save users' messages or files. Users' call logs are also not stored. Whatsapp Username, Time of the Report, What time of user is offline and when users are online Whatsapp stores information about IP address, Phone type, Profile photo, Phone number that you upload without name, Group name, Term of service, Blocked Users.

Data share with facebook
In the Facebook data leak case, more than 80 million user information has been leaked. After which all countries have become active with data leaks. At the same time, there was also a report on sharing data from Facebook on Whatsapp, on which the company has already cleared it.

What else will change
Whatsapp is about to bring a new feature for Android users. Testing this feature on the Whatsapp beta version. According to media reports, the Whatsapp beta version is testing the feature of voice message messages at 2.18.123. As the name suggests, this feature is about saving the voice message. With this feature, you can save your voice message before sending it to someone.

What is the advantage
Someone's call comes while recording voice messages and you have to make a call, so what will happen to your voice message? With the help of this feature, you can listen to your voice message and if you think the message is OK, then you can send it. However, this feature of Whatsapp still does not have the option to resume recording, which is a bit disappointing. This feature has been spotted by WABetainfo.

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