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Nipah Virus alerts in West Bengal

Nipa virus alert issued in this Bengal

Nipa has been attacked in Bengal many times in the past. It can not be said by swearing that Nipa will not return.

In Kerala, 11 people have died due to nipah virus. Now doctors are issuing caution in this state too.
Bats in night

In Kerala, two thousand kilometers away from Kerala, you can not rest in peace. Why did Nipa strike Bangla more than once in the past? In 2001, Nipah was killed in Siliguri and 45 people died. In 2007, 5 people died in Nadia. It is not possible to say that Nipah will not return.

Nipah virus is basically a kind of fruit berry. In Kerala, this disease can be detected by the first virus in Kozhikode district on May 19. Finding three cases in the same house. Many dead bats are found in the well of the patient's house.

In the adjacent districts Malappuram disease spreads in the disease. As there is no antidote to this virus, panic continues to spread.

The Medical Board of Paramabara Hospital is formed to treat the first patient with Nipah,
One of his members also died a nurse. The deceased was identified as Linnie Puthuseri (31). Linnie's death shocked the whole of Kerala.

Till now, most of the people have died in Malaysia due to Nipah. Since 1998, in the two Bangla Nipah has been spreading. A trip to India, Bangladesh and Malaysia killed about 260 people in one stroke.

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