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Govt asks ISPs to close hundreds of hot websites

Hundreds of porn websites will be closed,
major orders of the Central Government.

Following the order of the Uttarakhand High Court, the government has directed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to close 827 websites showing obscene content. Basic sources gave information about this. The court recently ordered the closure of 857 spreading pornography websites. However, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked to close 827 websites.

Govt asks ISPs to close hundreds of porn websites

Pornographic content was not found on 30 websites
In the investigation, 30 out of 857 websites have not found pornographic material. Sources said that the Ministry has asked the Department of Telecommunications to close the 827 website. The list of names of these websites is given by the Ministry in its letter. "All licensed internet service providers are instructed to comply with the orders of the Honorable High Court and take immediate action to shut down 827 websites, according to the instructions of the Ministry," the Department of Telecommunication said in an order issued to the Internet Service Providers.

The High Court had ordered the closure of these websites on September 27, 2018 and the order of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology received on October 8. The Ministry has informed the Department of Telecommunication that according to its July 31, 2015 notice, the High Court has ordered the closure of 857 websites.

The Department of Telecommunications changed its order on August 4, 2015 and stated that the internet service provider is free to stop such links or URLs in these 857 web links or URLs, which do not show pornography.

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