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Google executive give up the company for sensual seduction

Tension about sexual harassment in Goolge; 

Another executive left the company.

Meanwhile, Google's parent company, Alphabet, confirmed Wednesday that an executive accused of sexual harassment has left the company during the tension over dealing with sexual harassment cases. The official did not get any package while leaving the company. Executive Dr. Rich DeVaul was at the position of director of ‘X Lab’. It is reported that women workers are going to walk out on Thursday in view of the poor ways of dealing with sexual abuse at the workplace.

Google executive give up the company for sensual seduction

Details about leaving the employee's company were not given
Alphabet did not give any detailed information about DeVaul's release on Tuesday. Wrote a Twitter account on 'A Google Walkout Real Change' on Wednesday night that employees and contractors will leave the workplace in their respective hours on Thursday morning. Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai sent a message to the employees on Tuesday night. A copy of the online news website Ars Technica posted online.

We take a stern stand on unfair treatment
Pichai said that many employees told him about unfair treatment during the work. He said, 'I am very sorry for the past actions and the grievances that caused the employees.' Pachai said in the message, "Being the CEO of the company, personally it becomes important to me that we adopt a tough approach on unfair treatment." He said that Google has removed 48 employees including 13 senior executives in the last two years due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Pachai has met Google's staff after the report came in the 'New York Times' last week on this issue. It was reported in the report that Android manufacturer Andy Rubin, a senior Google employee, has been given a package of $ 9 million while leaving the company, while he is accused of sexual abuse, and Google has the ability to screen curtains on sexual harassment claims Done However, Rubin's spokesman Sam Singer has dismissed these allegations.

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